If you are seeking quality, professional installation or service for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or fire protection in central Missouri, J. Louis Crum Corporation would be happy to address your needs.



Our founder, J. Louis Crum, started as a businessman in Fayette, Missouri in 1924.  After two years operating there, he decided to move the operation to Columbia in search of more opportunities.

Over the years, the company has worked on a large variety of projects throughout central Missouri including some of the most important facilities for the following entities:

  • Education
    • University of Missouri
    • Stephens College
    • Columbia College
    • Lincoln University
    • Central Methodist University
    • Most of the local public school districts
  • Commercial
    • State Farm Insurance
    • Shelter Insurance
    • MFA Incorporated
    • Various Retail establishments
  • Governments
    • City governments
    • County governments
    • State government projects
    • Federal projects
  • Healthcare
    • Boone Hospital
    • University Hospital and Clinics
    • Capital Region
    • Moberly Regional
    • VA Hospital
    • Various clinics and other hospitals throughout the area
  • Industrial
    • Kraft/Heinz
    • Quaker Oats
    • 3M
    • Square D
    • TEVA
    • Various other manufacturers and industries

We are proud to have served our community in various ways and helped to develop some of the infrastructure which have served many of the pillars of the business community throughout the years.



If you have any needs with regard to commercial plumbing, heating, air conditioning or fire protection, please contact us at:

(573) 443-2488